Cycling The Pacific Coast Introduction

How You Can Give

A key component of this ride is to explore the many ways in which I can give and serve in my day-to-day living. This pursuit involves encouraging and empowering others to do the same. Here are two ways you can give:

1. Support Jamie McDonald [Adventureman]

Jamie McDonald is currently running across the USA with the goal of raising $1 million for local children’s hospitals across the United States and $250,000 for the Superhero Foundation, a charity co-founded by Jamie to support sick kids.

Please donate to Jamie’s cause. Then, send him a message of support.

Why stop there? Visit his website. Jamie provides updates on his progress regularly. Watch his videos. Read his inspiring book. Follow him via social media. Then, send him another message of support.

I first met Jamie McDonald five years ago, somewhere near the Quebec-New Brunswick border. I was approaching the final days of my cycling journey across Canada, from Victoria to St. John’s. Jamie was enduring the early stages of his epic run across Canada in the opposite direction, from St. John’s to Vancouver. Our lives connected for a moment, and we shared a brief-yet-memorable conversation before continuing our respective adventures. Ever since, I’ve been quietly following Jamie’s travels. This humble, passionate, driven, resilient dude has become one of my heroes.

Again, click here to donate.

Jamie is a certifiable superhero. Keep running, Adventureman.

2. Tenfold

If you also wish to support my ride, I would like to propose a deal:

Donate $2, and my gifts and services elsewhere will be tenfold.

That’s the deal. Find the link on the right side of my site. Donate two dollars. Then, I will pledge to pass along your kindness and generosity tenfold.

For instance, if i receive a total of $50 in donations, I will vow to donate a total of $500 or dedicate a total of 500 minutes of volunteer service elsewhere in the future. I may require some time to fulfill my promise – admittedly, I have little money to my name in the here and now – but I would absolutely love the challenge. No better way to find purpose and meaning in this life than serving and giving.

Every dollar I receive will be graciously used to help pay for the essentials on my trip. Food and fuel for cooking, mostly. If I feel drained and wanting, I may splurge for a luxury to lift my spirits. Coffee and chocolate never fail to make my days feel even brighter.

A certain level of love and trust on your end is required, I know. There is no binding contract or agreement here. Only a promise that I’ll honour your gift to my journey by giving and serving elsewhere. To my mind, though, this is the essence of the idea: A little love and trust can go a long, long way. The key is to make that choice to nourish love and trust in the first place.

Two dollars. Two bucks. Two smackers. No more. Anything in excess of two dollars should be directed to Jamie McDonald and the children he wishes to serve. Either way, it’s all love.

Thank you.


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