Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Birch Bay State Park, WA to Larabee State Park, WA

The Ride

Route: Birch Bay, WA to Larabee, WA.

Distance: ~45km/28mi

Weather: Mid-Teens, Persisting Clouds, Mist, Light Drizzle, Moderate-to-Strong Headwinds

Terrain: Flats and Rolling Hills

Total Climbing: ~295m/970ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Oatmeal [with cinnamon, almonds & pecans]

Lunch: Two Wraps

Dinner: Freeze-Dried Pasta

Snacks: Clif Bar, Chili & Lime Beef Jerky

Beverages: Water

Previous Night’s Sleep: 10pm to 6am [8 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Birch Bay State Park

Money Spent: $12 [cost of a hiker/biker site at any Washington State Park]

Podcast of the Day: Science Vs. [The episode in which the hosts test the science behind detoxes and cleanses. Spoiler alert: science and fads often don’t mix]

How I Could Have Trained vs. How I Actually Trained

How I could have trained during the month of July:

  • Get on my bike regularly
  • Exercise in ways that directly related to riding a bicycle for hours at a time
  • Lay off the empty and excess calories as the trip neared
  • Prepare mentally for the long days ahead

How I actually “trained” during the month of July:

  • Left my bike in Vancouver to visit with family and friends in Ontario for the month
  • Didn’t touch a bicycle during that time
  • Enjoyed plenty of empty and excess calories in the company of family and friends as the trip neared
  • Trusted that I would endure the humblings of the first few days of the trip, and I would train as I toured

The purpose of this writing isn’t to favour my style over any other. I will happily concede that my approach to “training” is unconventional.

Simply put, this is how I tend to roll. For better or worse. The key factor I’d lean into most is trust. I trust that I’ll endure the initial challenges for 3-5 days – weak legs, slow uphills, and a sore, sore backside – and make it through the other side. No race to be won. No prize money. No medals or trophies. Just the totality of the experience. And, I’m happy to include some failures and shortcomings in the mix. Life is far less enjoyable when I try to tiptoe around every mistake and struggle. If I lean even closer to the truth, these struggles serve as important reminders to get over myself.

Speaking of which…

I quit after 50km today. Mentally and emotionally deficient. Clouds and mist and persisting headwinds throughout the day. My body had screamed for rest several miles prior, and I resolved to push on only till the next campground, at Larabee State Park. Fifty kilometres isn’t nothing. But, I’ll be gearing to ride far more in the coming days. For now, bring on the humblings.

Pictures of the Day

The sun struggling to peek through in the early evening. Still a spectacular view. Larabee State Park.
I gravitate to the wider views and landscapes in my pictures. Striving to narrow my gaze more often. Found a collection of blackberries near my campsite. Obviously, I inhaled the ripe ones without regard for bush’s thorns. Only two scratches to mark my feast.

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