Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Larabee State Park, WA to Fort Ebey State Park, WA

The Ride

Distance: ~80km/50mi          Hours of Riding: 6

Weather: ~20, Morning Clouds Give Space To Afternoon Sun, Moderate Headwinds

Total Climbing: ~365m/1200ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Pita Wrap          Dinner: Rice

Snacks: Clif Bar, Fresh Nectarines from a Farm Stand

Beverages: Water

Previous Night’s Sleep: Interrupted hourly by an earth-shaking and ear-drumming passing train [Or, not great]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Larabee State Park

A Night Of Trains

For one night, I endured a near-sleepless daze. Larabee State Park is stunning. Beautiful. But, their hiker/biker campsites are positioned immediately beside a fence. Beyond that fence, and through a thin layer of trees, are train tracks. Trains use these tracks regularly.

I scored a total of two or three hours of proper sleep. The rest of my horizontal night was spent plugging my ears, feeling the earth shake, and wondering if another train would dare pass by. The answer at Larabee is a resounding yes. [Still, a beautiful place.]

But, it was one night.

Sure, I cursed the train and felt woe-is-me for an early-morning moment. Then, the feeling of anger – anger at an inanimate object -subsided. As it should.

Following a quiet ride through the rest of the park to start my day, I shook my mind to remember that I’m extremely fortunate to have been given the circumstances, abilities, and desire to carry out even a portion of this Pacific Coast ride. No sense in trying to feel control or ownership over any place. I’m a visitor in every scene I slowly pass through. Be thankful for nature’s hospitality and feel gratitude for every train-less night from here on.


The evening sun shining red through the trees.

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