Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Shelton, WA to Bruceport County Park & Campground, WA

The Ride

Route: Highway 101, then, Highway 108, Elma Hicklin Road West, Old 401 & 107 to re-join the 101 on the coast

Distance: ~120km/75mi

Weather: High 20s and Sunny, Slight Winds

TerrainRolling Hills Leading West to the Coast, Flatter Closer To The Coast

Total Climbing: ~635m/2090ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Waffles & Cereal [Luxury Meal]

Lunch: Pita Wrap

Dinner: Linda’s Fish & Chips [An all-timer. Read below.]

Snacks: Clif Bar        Beverages: Water

Previous Night’s Sleep: 10:30pm to 6:30am [8 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Motel [Luxury Night, All Around. Read Previous Post for Explanation]

South Bend: The Oyster Capital of the World

When any place self-proclaims, “The _______ Capital of the World,” I usually do not need to follow-up and investigate.

But, food is royalty in my life.

When I noticed a sign, “South Bend – The Oyster Capital of the World,” I couldn’t resist. This was a food-related boast. Priorities shifted and I relegated my rice-and-potatoes pot dinner to tomorrow evening. I needed to taste these oysters.

In the moment, I resolved to allow myself a bit of flexibility in living more simply. Specifically, in the realm of food. Food is fuel for a cyclist. Sometimes, though, I crave something more. I am living with less on all fronts. But, this doesn’t preclude a dip into indulgence on occasion, especially after riding 120km. So, I’ll call this indulgence with purpose. Not indulgence for indulgence’s sake. Definitely not over-indulgence on any occasion. Indulgence with purpose. I rode 120km today to reach Washington’s coast. Reason enough to enjoy some oysters.

[I investigated South Bend’s claim at Linda’s Fish & Chips, a food truck parked off the side of the highway. Their story checks out. I savoured an all-timer meal, fried oysters included. The breaded cod was my personal favourite. See below for a visual taste.]

Pictures of the Day

Two Fried Oysters, Two Fried Shrimp, Homemade Coleslaw, and Fish & Chips. This was an all-time meal from Linda’s Fish & Chips, in South Bend, Washington.
Sunset at my final destination in Bruceport. Never gets old.

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