Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Cape Lookout State Park, OR to Beverly Beach State Park, OR

The Ride

Route: Cape Lookout Road, Sandlake Road, Highway 101

Distance: ~90km/56mi

Weather: Mid-Teens and Foggy, Mostly [Warmer, Sunny & Above The Low-Lying Clouds on Every Solid Climb]

Terrain: Rolling Hills and Flat Stretches, Two Challenging Climbs [1) Leading out of Cape Lookout, 2) Through Siuslaw National Forest]

Total Climbing: ~855m/2800ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Wrap and Banana [Still tired of oatmeal!]

Lunch: Nada [see snacks]

Dinner: Rice with Taco Seasoning and Meat [Bought at a grocery store in the afternoon.]

Snacks: Clif Bar        Beverages: Water

Previous Night’s Sleep: 9:30pm to 7:00am [9.5 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Cape Lookout State Park [$8 for hikers/bikers at Oregon State Parks. Great deal.]

Sort-Of Quick Hits From a Spectacularly Foggy Day

  • Some moments are meant to be publicly embarrassing. Sometimes, the world just won’t let you experience a misstep in silence. In this particular episode, I fell to the ground near the top of the climb in Siuslaw National Forest. Nothing more than a moment of clumsiness. I was preparing to stop for a quick breather and drink of water. As I unclipped my shoes from each pedal, I sought to set down my left foot. Then, my left shoe quickly and unexpectedly re-clipped. Before I could react, I was tumbling over leftward in an helpless, arms-waving heap. Of course, with nothing but wilderness for miles in each direction, there had to be a wanderer walking down the hill on the other side of the highway. I guess it had already been decided that I endure this moment with a set of eyes witnessing the whole debacle. I didn’t notice him until he laughed heartily and asked if I was OK. I looked at my scraped left knee and responded sarcastically, “I’m falling apart, man!” He shook his head and kept wandering down without a further response. I brushed myself off and finished the climb. Thousands of kilometres on this bike and I’m still vulnerable to moments of weakness.
  • Cape Lookout State Park is an incredible place to beach and camp. Even in a persisting fog, the scene was a beautiful concoction of trees, sandy shores, and cliffs. I could hear the lapping waves from my tent. Rarely felt easier to fall asleep or rise in the morning.

Pictures of the Day

The beach at Cape Lookout State Park. Tide is slowly coming in. The hiker/biker sites are within earshot of the waves. The most beautiful park I’ve visited so far.
Lingering coastal fog lifted momentarily just outside of Lincoln Beach. This entire stretch of the coast is beautiful and scenic even in the low visibility.

Sharing a moment with a meditating seagull. Or, the bird is simply waiting for humans to deliver more food. Either way, I savoured the moment. The Oregon coast occupies the background.

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