Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Beverly Beach State Park, OR to South Beach State Park, OR

The Ride

Route: Highway 101

Distance: ~15km/9mi

Weather: Morning Fog & Drizzle, Afternoon Sun & Clouds, Mid-Teens Temps, Moderate Winds

Terrain: Minor Climbs, Urban Centre Riding [Newport, OR]

Total Climbing: ~145m/480ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Banana          Lunch: Wrap

Dinner: Rice with Potatoes & Spices [Ice Cream Sandwich for Dessert]

Snacks: Clif Bar     Beverages: Water, Two Starbucks Coffees

Previous Night’s Sleep: 9:30pm to 7:30am [10 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Beverly Beach State Park

An Unplanned Rest[ish] Day

I hadn’t intended for this to be a rest[ish] day. Just turned out that way.

I broke camp and left Beverly Beach State Park, as usual, around 8:30am. This was the wettest and coolest morning yet. I was head-to-toe soaked minutes into the day’s ride.

Since the night before, I’d had eyes and mind on the Starbucks in the town of Newport, about 15km south of Beverly Beach. I aimed to buy my first coffee of the trip, sit inside for a short time, and take advantage of the free wi-fi. Thirty minutes, at most, until I returned to the road. That was my plan upon stepping into the cafe.

Two hours and one refill later, I remained sitting at the same chair, inside the same Starbucks. Caught up in writing and waiting till the scene warmed and dried, I lost track of time. Mixed in an unexpected and welcomed conversation with a fellow touring cyclist drawn to a hot beverage, too. A fellow teacher from Tacoma taking advantage of his summer break, riding into Northern California before he flew back. After our chat ended and he left, finally, I realized I was letting the day pass by.

The skies had dried and brightened to a light overcast. Still unseasonably cool. I wasn’t feeling a tenth consecutive long day spent on the bike. I desired a break. I wasn’t feeling weak or low. Just ready for respite from another hours-long slog in the grey and coastal fog [Again, the Oregon coast remains absolutely stunning in this weather].

Fortunately, Oregon State Parks are top-notch in both quantity and quality – cheap for hikers/bikers, free showers, and even wi-fi in some spots.

Following a lazy and meandrous cruise through the rest of the town, I pedaled upon another park just south of Newport. South Beach State Park. Seventeen kilometres and, maybe, a drop of sweat later. Though far from my intentions when I arose in the morning, the rest-ish day felt meant to be.

[South Beach State Park is another prize-winner. Huuuge sandy beach. Great walking and biking trails. Free showers. Free wi-fi and cheap ice cream sandwiches at the hospitality centre. Eight bucks for a hiker/biker. Indeed, this day was meant to be.]

Picture of the Day

Brought out the solar charger under the afternoon sun to re-charge my power bank. Once fully charged after a few hours, the power bank can charge my iPhone at least six or seven times on its own. Feels surprisingly liberating to mostly forget about looking for electrical outlets wherever I go.

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