Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Bullards Beach State Park, OR to Gold Beach, OR

The Ride

Route: Highway 101

Distance: ~95km/59mi

Weather: Mid-Teens, Clouds and Fog, and Winds Increasing From Slight to Strong [Mostly From The North!]

Terrain: Inland From The Coast To Port Oxford, Then Coastal Riding To Gold Beach… As Usual, Rolling Hills with Some Flatter Stretches

Total Climbing: ~670m/2200ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Oatmeal [with cinnamon, almonds, and pecans]

Lunch: Nada [see snacks]

Dinner: Beef Brisket Sandwich & Seasoned Fries from Sunset Family Pizza

Snacks: Clif Bar & Highway-Side Wild Blackberries

Beverages: Water, Pepsi [deeply craved some sweet stuff]

Previous Night’s Sleep: 10:00pm to 6:30am [8.5 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Bullards Beach State Park [One of my favourite parks so far]

Sunset In Solitude At Bullards Beach

To my eyes, spirit, and mind, the most resonant scene is a sun setting over water-filled horizon. Not sure how or why. I feel no reason to figure out an answer. Just resonates deeper than any other view. Whether shared with others or experienced in solitude, no matter the particular place, the scene connects meaningfully every single time. Always grateful and ever-drawn, for sure. Give me that scene and life feels right. To my eyes, spirit, and mind.

The most recent sunset in my life occurred on the shores of Bullards Beach. Following 110 kilometres of riding to the coastal state park, I felt pulled to wander a mile-and-a-half further. I knew I’d be rewarded for the few extra minutes of effort.

Exposed on the beach, the winds from the north were blustery, unseasonably cool. Felt more mid-October than mid-August. No one else foolishly dared to wander the beach. Fortunately, I thought ahead and layered-up at my campsite. I was a lone wolf on Bullards Beach. Just me and the wind-battling birds. The lapping waves providing the rhythm as the prominent colours of the descending sun shine through the distant clouds. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Same as I always do.

Feeling exposed to the elements can offer many different meanings. To feel exposed might compel one to assume that the moment is challenging, negative, or troubling. I make that assumption, too. Often, this is true.

But, man, I felt fully exposed on that windy beach, and, yet, I felt overwhelmed with stillness and peace. I felt connected to all else in that scene. How? Why? Earning that view with an hours-long ride certainly helped. Preparing for the bitter winds contributed, too. Otherwise, I hadn’t enforced a semblance of control in that moment. The scene was happening, with or without me. I’d simply ventured my way into it.

How? Why? What is it about this scene that envelops me meaningfully and completely, every single time? In the end, I’m not sure the answer matters. Just true, that’s all. And, with that truth in my understanding, I’ll make sure to keep following that feeling. No matter the place. The connections will always resonate. Thank you, Bullards Beach.

Pictures From Bullards Beach

Found shelter from the winds at Bullards Beach. Sat in the entrance as the sun descended into the Pacific Ocean.
My most treasured scene.

Picture From Today’s Ride

Looking back at the bridge I crossed to enter Gold Beach, Oregon. The final moment of today’s ride. Every bridge-crossing ranks among the more heart-racing moments on a bicycle. Though signs always indicate bikes are allowed on the roadway of these bridges, I can feel more exposed in these moments. Narrow shoulders, gusting crosswinds, and passing vehicles combine for a less peaceful ride. But, the experience always works out. Drivers are consistently aware, often giving space when they can. I’ll always do my best to give them space, too.

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