Cycling The Pacific Coast Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflections: Week Three – Brookings, OR to Salt Point State Park, CA

The Ride: Week Three

Route: Brookings, OR to Salt Point State Park, CA

Distance: ~545km [~1670km in total]

Days of Riding: 6 out of 7 [Rest Day in Brookings, OR]

Notable Climbs/Descents:

– Following Crescent City and Leading Into Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

– Before & After Garberville, Soon After Leaving the Avenue of the Giants

– Leggett Hill [Soon After Highway 1 Begins]

– Rockport Hill [The Final Climb/Descent Separating Highway 1 From the Coast]

– More than one climb/descent is spectacularly marked by S-curves and switchbacks between Fort Bragg and Salt Point State Park

Intentions, Revisited

1. Live Simply.

  • Money Spent [Not counting a night of motel luxury in Brookings, OR]: ~$12 per day [$5 for hike-or-bike camping at most California State Parks. Great deal. I spaced out my restaurant-purchased meals to about one every two days, keeping my day-to-day spending relatively modest.]
  • Luxury Money Spent: $120 [$80 motel room, $40 for two Mexican-style meals in Brookings, OR]
  • Unforeseen Expense: $60 for a new rear tire [Patching several punctures from a surprise roll through nails and glass near Gold Beach, Oregon, proved too frustrating.]
  • Waste Produced: 1/4 grocery bag [~3/4 grocery bag in total. Almost exclusively plastic packaging for food.]
  • Nights of Camping: 6 out of 7
  • Times Plugged In: Once [Three times, in total.]
  • Showers: 2 [Coin-operated showers in California State Parks.]
  • Music & Podcasts Consumed: ~80% of my riding
  • Reflections: Balance and moderation. Two key ideas to keep striving for going forward. Just as excessive consumption feels unproductive and, even, destructive from both a personal and global perspective, complete deprivation also feels unproductive and, even, destructive. Why deny all of humankind’s innovations? Many innovations can help serve my intentions to further connect within and with the world. Really, it feels like a matter of feeling through which luxuries are essential in my world, and utilizing those luxuries with meaning and purpose. Food, technology, hospitality, and all of the rest.

2. Embrace the Physical Grind.

  • Total Distance: ~545km [Average of ~90km per day of riding]
  • Shortest Day of Riding: 75km [Humboldt Redwoods State Park to Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area]
  • Longest Day of Riding: 105km [Van Damme State Park to Salt Point State Park]
  • Reflections: Enjoy your days to the fullest. My intention is not to ride down the Pacific coast as quickly as I possibly can; such focus would cause me to inevitably stray from the rest of my intentions. I’ve successfully achieved my goal of riding ~80-100km per day while also appreciating most moments. Balance and moderation, man. Far easier said than done. All in all, I believe I’m embracing the grind while staying true to the rest of my intentions.

3. Expand and Enrich My Boundaries Within.

  • Reflections: Hours-long rides on a bicycle with extended moments between climbs offer ample opportunities for the mind to wander and explore. At times, I feel lost in all directions. At others, I feel empowered and productive. Sharing glimpses of my thoughts in my Daily Travels and recording the rest for my own eyes.

4. Find Resonance.

  • Most Resonant Encounter: An evening campfire with fellow touring cyclists at Van Damme State Park.
  • Resonant Moments Experienced as a Quiet-Rolling Cyclist: 1) Climbing Leggett Hill on the beginning stretch of Highway 1, with nearly zero traffic and a quiet morning scene, 2) Every time the foggy grey lifts to reveal blue skies and sun.
  • Expected Moments of Resonance That Still Always Connect: 1) Every encounter with a curious and encouraging stranger, 2) Moving alone through a forest of trees, or alongside a long and winding shoreline, 3) Reaching the peak of every short or extended climb
  • Most Surprising Form of Resonance: Feeling humbled and small amidst the coastal redwoods.

5. Explore My Connections.

  • Reflections: I feel a consistently positive momentum in this pursuit. Plenty of time to connect within. Connecting more with others along the way. Connecting to the nature and scenes surrounding me more often than not. Far less concerned with how I’m connecting in these areas. Far more at ease with my intention to simply remain open in these areas and feel through the moments as they come. Feels all right.


Several generous offerings have raised the total amount I’ve been given to $520. Beyond belief, in the most awesome way. Now, I find myself committed to giving at least a total of $5200 in donations or 5200 minutes of service [~87 hours] in the future. I continue to feel such love for this challenge.

As I ride, I am exploring various ideas in which I can begin to follow through on my vow after this adventure ends. I promise to share on my progress as the weeks and months go by.

[I’ve continued to utilize the dollars given mostly for quality meals once every two days or so.]

Picture of the Week

Difficult to convey the feelings that arose as I rolled through the redwoods. Centuries of growth and stories stretching three hundred feet above the ground. Roots spreading one hundred feet, entangled with the expansive roots of other trees in every direction. Just a fascinating, humbling, beautiful ride.

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