Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Bodega Dunes Campground, CA to Samuel P. Taylor State Park, CA

The Ride

Route: 1) Highway 1 To Olema, 2) Sir Francis Drake Boulevard To Samuel P. Taylor State Park, 3) Cross Marin Trail [A Great Path For Non-Motorized Vehicles Through The Park]

Distance: ~70km/43mi

Weather: Morning Clouds, Then Low 20s & Mostly Sunny, Moderate Crosswinds

Total Climbing: ~600m/1970ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Oatmeal [with cinnamon, almonds & pecans]

Lunch: Burrito at Whale of a Deli in Point Reyes Station

Dinner: Rice & Potatoes          Snacks: Clif Bar

Beverages: Water, Afternoon Coffee in Point Reyes Station

Previous Night’s Sleep: 9:00pm to 7:00am [10 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Bodega Dunes Campground in Sonoma Coast State Beach

Quick Hits

  • I felt energetic from the moment I awoke. I rode a brisk 50km from Bodega Dunes Campground to the town of Point Reyes Station.
  • Upon my arrival in Point Reyes Station, the sun began to shine and the temperature rose. Quickly, I decided to hang around town for awhile; I’d rather enjoy the sun in relaxation than sweat through it on my bike.
  • Following lunch at Whale of a Deli – a decent, if not memorable meal – I bought groceries at the market and meandered to Toby’s Coffee Bar, which features long picnic tables in the open air and free wi-fi. I proceeded to spend the next two hours sitting, quietly appreciating the extended taste of summer, and marking time by conversations with a couple of locals.
  • I rode the final ~20km from Point Reyes Station to Taylor Park Campground in the late-afternoon sun. One solid climb and descent inland from the coast ensued.
  • Approaching Samuel P. Taylor State Park, I spotted a sign along the side of the highway for the Cross Marin Trail, a recreational trail that runs through the park. A perfectly calm and quiet ride that goes directly through Taylor Park Campground, which includes the park’s hike-or-bike campsites. From start to finish, this was a ten-out-of-ten day.

Pictures of the Day

Sign for the Cross Marin Trail, which runs through Samuel P. Taylor State Park. A peaceful alternative to highway riding.
The Cross Marin Trail briefly opens before returning to the trees.
Entering Samuel P. Taylor State Park. The Cross Marin Trail runs directly through the Taylor Park Campground and the hike-or-bike campsites.
View of the hike-or-bike campsites at Taylor Park Campground. Quieter than most other campgrounds I’ve visited along the California portion of this ride.




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