Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Samuel P. Taylor State Park, CA to San Francisco, CA

The Ride

Route: Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to the Town of Fairfax, Then Follow Bike Route Signs All the Way to the Golden Gate Bridge [Quieter Roads or Bike Lane on Busy Roads]

Distance: ~60km/37mi

Weather: High-Teens, Mostly Cloudy, Slight Winds

Total Climbing: ~410m/1360ft

Notable Climb/Descent: White Hill [A Final, Satisfying Climb & Descent Before San Fran, Located In Between Woodacre and Fairfax]

The Rest

Breakfast: Clif Bar & Nectarine

Lunch: Nada          Dinner: Super Burrito with Chips & Salsa at Taqueria San Francisco [Cheap, Delicious Spot in the Mission District]

Snacks: Banana        Beverages: Water, Two Beers

Previous Night’s Sleep: 10:30pm to 7:00am [8.5 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Samuel P. Taylor State Park

Pictures of the Day

Hastily snapped a picture in between waves of pedestrians and fellow riders. I pedaled across around the noon hour on a Friday. Not the busiest time to cross the bridge, but still packed. Glad I cycled the Golden Gate Bridge. Now, I can safely bet I’ll never ride it again.
Looking back at the Golden Gate Bridge from the city.
The waterfront trail in San Francisco is awesome. I meandered around the entire city mostly along here. Stopped for a break on a quiet beach.

The waterfront trail can be seen in between the grass and sand. The downtown core is a few kilometres away. San Francisco is a beautiful and vibrant [and often hilly] city worth visiting more than once.
Spontaneously attended a ball game. $5 ticket on SeatGeek. One of the most picturesque stadiums I’ve ever seen. [The Giants won. Meant to be.]

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