Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: San Francisco, CA to Half Moon Bay State Beach, CA [Two Days]

The Ride

Route: [I rode along the Bay side, through South San Francisco] Follow Bike Routes to South San Francisco and westward to San Andreas Lake, Then Ride the Sawyer Camp Trail Along the Lake, Then Join Highway 92 West to Half Moon Bay

Notable Climbs/Descents On This Route: Only the Hill Immediately After Joining Highway 92 West

Highlights From A Two-Day Slowdown Through San Francisco

  • Cycling around the waterfront trail from the Golden Gate Bridge to the downtown core is busy with pedestrians and fellow cyclists, but well worth the views and luxury of pedalling on recreational paths through a major city. Well done, San Fran!
  • Taqueria San Francisco in the Mission District for a super-delicious and satisfying burrito with chips & salsa.
  • $5 re-sale ticket for a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park, one of the most picturesque ballparks in the country [Don’t ask about the ultra-expensive price of beer…]
  • Cafe 382 for brunch in South San Francisco A fulfilling, well-prepared meal reigns over almost anything else in my books. Almost.
  • Last and most importantly, the awesome hospitality and connections made with familiar faces [and not-so-familiar faces!] in the city. No food or place could ever compare in meaning to the generosity, kindness, and easygoing connections offered by other people. [Thank You.]

Pictures of the Day

The Sawyer Camp Trail, which runs alongside San Andreas Lake. A worthy alternative to the busier Highway 1 [and other major arteries out of San Fran]. Recommended by a local stranger [Another well-deserved thank-you!].
Half Moon Bay State Beach. Enjoying a rare sunny afternoon, watching the next round of clouds slowly approach. Camped at Francis Campground, located inside the state beach. One of my favourite camping spots along the California coast.
Returned to the beach during the evening. Though the sun had disappeared, the scene still felt peaceful. Watch for those rip currents!

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