Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Sunset State Beach, CA to Marina, CA

The Ride

Route: From Sunset State Beach, Follow the “Bike Route: Pacific Coast” Signs Until The Route Re-Joins Highway 1 [Love Those Signs]

Distance: ~50km/31mi

Weather: Low 20s, Mostly Cloudy, Slight Winds

Total Climbing: ~200m/655ft

The Rest

Breakfast: Granola & Banana

Lunch: Nada          Dinner: Pizza & Wings [Live It Up!]

Snacks: Clif Bar & Nectarine          Beverages: Water, Sprite

Previous Night’s Sleep: 9:00pm to 7:00am [10 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Sunset State Beach

Joy > Progress

Waking up, I told myself I would ride according to the weather. I was approaching the Monterey area and the famed [and recently re-opened] viewscapes of Big Sur, and I’d been assured that sunnier skies were, finally, coming. With that assurance, I conjured a proposition for my day:

If the clouds persist, I’ll ride on and feel the kilometres progress. But, man, if that sun shines, I’m not going to waste those hours sweating on my bike. As soon as those blue skies take over, if they do, I’m slowing down.

I biked fifty kilometres before noon, noticing the blue skies slowly rise from the horizon. When the sun came out, the beauty came out for good. I stayed true to my plan. I slowed down. To a complete stop.

Leaning into that comfortable feeling of slowing to a halt, I searched for cheap motel rooms out of curiosity. Far cheaper than I expected – middle-of-the-week pricing, I suppose – and very close to the sandy shoreline of Fort Ord Dunes State Park [no camping]. With a few easy taps on my phone, I was committed. A few too easy taps.

An unnecessary, luxurious move that felt beyond satisfying. A long, hot shower. Ample time to plan out my next several days of riding. A couple of overdue calls home. A short ride to the sand dunes, and an extended encounter with a local parasailer [maybe another time!]. Blue skies reigning over the day. Suddenly, everything seemed to feel aligned.

Picture of the Day

Pedaling through Sand City. Followed the bike route along the coastline of Monterey Bay. A far more scenic [and peaceful] alternative to racing through the area along Highway 1. Digging those blue skies!

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