Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Plaskett Creek Campground, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA

The Ride

Route: Highway 1

Distance: ~115km/71mi

Weather: Low 20s, Mostly Sunny, Tailwinds

Total Climbing: ~1050m/3440ft

Notable Climb/Descent: One Final Big Sur-Style Climb After Gorda

The Rest

Breakfast: Granola & Nectarine

Lunch: Nada

Dinner: [Massive] Calzone at Pizza La Nova in San Luis Obispo

Snacks: Clif Bar & Banana          Beverages: Water, Sprite

Previous Night’s Sleep: 10:00pm to 7:00am [9 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: Plaskett Creek Campground

Quick Hits

  • Following an early morning climb, the terrain becomes noticeably different. Less coastal hills and oceanside cliffs. Much longer stretches of flat riding. Immediately, I missed the scenery of Big Sur. Admittedly, though, my spirits remained high due to forgiving tailwinds aiding my progress all day.
  • I am surrendering to my cravings more often during this fifth week of touring. Now, every day, I am actively seeking out an ice cold drink, coffee, or delicious meal at some point between campsites. Some combination of road-weary and comfort-seeking is bubbling within. To date, this trip has been mostly rooted in challenges and meanings. More and more, I feel my mind drifting toward comfort-seeking. As a compromise between my intentions and cravings , I’ve settled on a once-a-day surrender to temptation. Seems reasonable, to my mind.
  • “These are usually meant for two people. You are a beast if you finish it.” To quench today’s cravings, I visited Pizza La Nova, a nondescript spot in San Luis Obispo I chose after reading its outdoor sign advertising a cheap and massive calzone. The owner carried a lively conversation from entrance to exit, firing off questions about my trip repeatedly. He had a way of trying to understand my choice to venture on this kind of travel while admitting he would never do the same. I love these curiosity-based conversations. Polite interrogations that explore the meanings rather than the oddities of travelling on a bicycle. When I finished the final bite of the meant-for-two calzone, my energetic host wondered aloud how many calories I just consumed. Before I could feel guilty for my excessive eating, he circled back to my travels, “Well, that’s what happens when you ride over seventy miles. You earned every calorie, buddy.”

Pictures of the Day

Riding before the sun has risen above the hills. Loved watching the morning shine-line slowly creep closer to shore.
Ate breakfast and chilled on the shore until the sun’s shine overtook the entire rock. The post-Gorda climb awaited around the next bend.
Approaching the peak of the final major climb along this magnificent stretch of coast.
First view of the modest hills and flatter terrain in the distance.
Loved the strong tailwinds on today’s ride. Slowed down for a moment to admire this view.
Views aren’t as picturesque after Big Sur. But, my progress went up a notch, for sure.

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