Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: McGrath State Beach, CA to Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA

The Ride

Route: Follow the Bike Route Signs & Stay Close to Shore

Distance: ~45km [This was one relaxing ride. A part of my intention to slow down into the massive sprawl of Los Angeles.]

Weather: Mid-to-High 20s, Mostly Sunny, Moderate Crosswinds and Tailwinds

Total Climbing: ~80m/260ft [Or… Predominantly Flat]

The Rest

Breakfast: Granola

Lunch: An all-timer meal of Chile Verde with rice, beans & homemade tortillas [and free chips & salsa] at El Brother in the city of Oxnard. My favourite Mexican dish on this trip. Highly, highly recommended.

Dinner: My Final Meal of Ramen & Spices

Snacks: Clif Bar & Nectarine      Beverages: Water, Coffee

Previous Night’s Sleep: 9:30pm to 5:30am [8 hours]

Previous Night’s Accommodation: McGrath State Beach

Broken, Forgotten, or Lost

With every possession I’ve broken, forgotten, or lost on this trip, I’ve wondered if my intention to live more simply – my desire to live with less – is influencing a subconscious push to rid myself of stuff. Or, I’m just prone to forgetting or losing these things. In any case, here’s an updated list of the items now gone:

  • One sock [Lost. No washing machine to blame for this one.]
  • One black t-shirt [Forgotten. Likely still hanging at a campground, somewhere.]
  • One tentpole [Not forgotten or lost; just broken. I’ve delicately pitched my tent ever since, grimacing at every little snap. At REI, I bought a $5 splint to cover the wound. Well worth the cheap purchase. No more snaps or grimaces.]
  • One pair of sandals [Lost. Somewhere in Oregon. I attached my flip-flops to the bungee cords that hold down my tent atop the rear rack of my bike. On a particularly violent bounce over a bump or pothole in the road, one of my bungee cords unhooked, causing my sandals to fly off unknowingly. Since the weather remained cool until I was well south of San Francisco, I didn’t bother to buy a new pair until Monterey. Scored a new pair at Target for $6.]
  • One pair of earphones [Another broken item. Too much exposure to the elements is my guess. A combination of misty moisture, sweat, and wind. I bought a new cheap pair at a Target near Monterey.]
  • One pair of sunglasses [Forgotten. I leave my sunglasses in forgotten places far too often. Once every year, at least. I believe I left this pair at a public restroom somewhere in between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.]
  • One cycling shoe [Lost this afternoon. Exact same circumstances as my lost pair of sandals. Thankful for the warm and sunny weather, as I’d rather wear sandals for riding, anyway.]
  • Any bets on which item I’ll break, forget, or lose next? Outside of my bike, passport, and wallet, honestly, I don’t really mind. No matter the case, I’ll survive.

Pictures of the Day

Even when the hills rise directly from the ocean, the road cuts through the rock. Easy riding all along this stretch.
Snack break beside the crashing waves and rocky shore.
Relaxing in the late-afternoon at Leo Carrillo State Beach. Plenty of surfers dotted the waters. Would love to try this out further down the road.


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