Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA to Huntington Beach, CA [Two Days]

The Ride [Took Two Days To Ride Through the L.A. Area]

Route: Many Options to Ride Through the L.A. Region, All Of Which Include At Least Some Sections Of Countless Stoplights and Heavy Navigation [I Stayed On Coastal Trails As Much As I Could]

Weather: Morning Clouds Giving Way to Afternoon Sun and Mid-to-High 20s

Total Climbing: After Some Minor Rolling Hills in Malibu, The Ride Is Mostly Flat

The Rest

Night One Accommodations: Awesome Hosts With A Comfortable Couch

Night Two Accommodations: Cheap Motel in Huntington Beach

Camping Options: Very Limited

Two Days In L.A.

Day One

  • From Leo Carrillo State Beach, I pedaled through the rolling hills of Malibu, the flatter and beachside bike paths of Santa Monica, and stopped for the afternoon at Venice Beach. Though cloudy, I appreciated the massive beaches and unobscured oceanviews that never seem to end in this area. Always one of my favourite views.
  • From Venice Beach, I rode twenty kilometres inland to stay with a couple of amazing hosts, who offered a gigantic homemade meal and fridge full of ice-cold beverages for the evening. Arranged through a mutual friend, we’d never met before. Yet another reminder that awesome people are everywhere; only a matter of opening myself up to connect with them.

Day Two

  • From Silver Lake, I returned to the coast via Venice Boulevard. Then, I enjoyed another several miles of beachside riding. Aside from the constant and beautiful ocean views, highlights along this path were the extravagant houses and buildings dotting the beachfront from Manhattan Beach through Redondo Beach. At Redondo Beach, I began to ride further inland.
  • For the rest of the day, from Redondo Beach to Huntington Beach, I relied on songs and podcasts to endure the consistent barrage of traffic and stoplights. After approximately ninety kilometres of total cycling from Silver Lake, I arrived at my destination in Huntington Beach. With few options for camping throughout the L.A. area, I reserved a surprisingly inexpensive motel [$70 in Canadian dollars!].

Pictures of the Day

Pedalled along oceanside bike paths from Santa Monica through Venice Beach. Cloudy and calm on a peaceful weekday morning. Some beautiful homes and buildings line the left side, too. Though other parts of the L.A. ride were unavoidably traffic- and stoplight-heavy, this miles-long beach trail was a very cool way to experience stretches of the neverending city sprawl.
Chillin’ on Venice Beach, with the famed Muscle Beach outdoor gym immediately behind. I opted for the midday rest. No regrets. From here, I rode twenty kilometres inland, mostly along Venice Boulevard, to stay with another couple of amazing hosts.
Somewhere around the Manhattan Beach-Redondo Beach section of this miles-long bike path. More beachfront properties along this stretch. Around late-morning, the skies cleared and the sun shone for the rest of the day. A solid gift from nature to offset the shortcomings [traffic, stoplights, and less awareness of cyclists] of city riding.

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