Cycling The Pacific Coast Daily Travels

Daily Travels: Oceanside, CA to San Diego, CA [Final Day]

The Ride

Distance: ~70km/43mi

Weather: Mid-to-High 20s, Mostly Sunny, Slight-to-Moderate Crosswinds

Total Climbing: ~310m/1020ft

Notable Climb/Descent: One Final Ascent Around Torrey Pines, Then A Beauty Ride Down Into The Northern Reaches of San Diego

The Rest

Breakfast: Granola & Banana

Lunch: Nada          Dinner: Enchiladas with Rice & Beans at La Playa Taco Shop

Snacks: Clif Bar          Beverages: Water, Gatorade, Sprite

Previous Night’s Sleep: 11:00pm to 6:30am [7.5 hours]

Brief Reflections From My Final Day

  • Why stop here and now?I explored this question in my previous post. More than any other reason, I feel pulled to continue the challenge of living for my intentions in, for lack of a better turn-of-phrase, the real world.
  • Come on.. there must be more to it. What else? Why?As I’ve admitted before, I was preparing for a trip as short as Seattle and as far as Panama. I didn’t want to force myself if I desired the end, and I didn’t want to short myself if I felt pulled to keep going. I remained open to the possibilities. With this in mind, and if I open even further to this truth, I’ve realized that I’m no longer drawn to months-long adventuring. I satisfied this craving on my cross-Canada five years ago. Somewhere in Northern California, this epiphany first arose, and I allowed myself to feel it through. Over the ensuing days, as I neared the city of San Francisco, the sparks of this epiphany burned brighter and brighter within. Rolling further into Mexico and Central America doesn’t feel right. Long-term travel on my own no longer appeals to me. No insecurities accompanied this discovery. No sense of defeat or failure. I felt all right. I was open to such a realization from the very beginning. Simply put, my desires to continue pursuing these challenges closer to my home communities reigned over my passion to keep traveling.
  • So, no more travelling? Seriously?Quite the opposite. More than ever before, I view these excursions as essential to my growth and well-being. I love these self-propelled challenges. Across Canada. Down the Pacific Coast. I’ve only scratched the surface of beautiful and challenging routes to travel. I am fully committed to making this happen again [and again?] in the future. The rare depths of vitality and fulfillment I feel on these small adventures are intoxicating, and I am already eager to return further down my path in this life. I’ve merely learned the boundaries in which I get the most out of this form of retreat; I feel more drawn to venture solo for a period of weeks, not months. I value the connections and roots in my life far too much to stay away for too long. Explore and endure challenges to my whole self for a short time, and carry the learnings and growth into every future chapter.
  • OK, then. What’s next?These are my next paths in the coming weeks and months:
      • Continue living for my intentions.Honour my Tenfold Challenge promise. During this adventure, I have received $546 in support – far more donations than I expected – and I will begin following through on my pledge to pass on this generosity going forward. This will entail a total of $5460 or 5460 minutes [91 hours] of giving or serving, or some combination of both. Many ideas are flowing, and I fully intend on sharing updates on my progress.
      • Honour my
      • Write, write, write. Updates on my intentions and Tenfold pursuits. Stories, ideas, rambles, and swan dives on the vast array of thoughts that arise within. Whatever else that comes to mind and feels worth jotting down. As the pages accumulate, I will aim to share selections of these writings on this site from time to time. For no reason other than to connect my thoughts to the world. You never truly know how the world will connect back to you, and I’m driven to remain open and try. Besides, if my most treasured intention is to explore my connections, this feels to be an essential component of staying true to making this happen.
      • Finally.. Life. The foundational reason for my decision to finish my ride down the coast. Return to the roots. Reconnect with family and friends in southern Ontario. Continue my teaching career. Live my days to the fullest as often as I can, and allow myself to slow down when I should. Feel for a balance between my obligations and passions. If I didn’t desire these pursuits, I’d be rolling across the border into Mexico, with eyes and mind on Central America. Perhaps on a future ride. For here and now, though, I am too excited to pack it in and write these words: Till next time.

Picture of the Day

San Diego. Mission Beach, to be precise. This world offers endless opportunities to find beauty and feel connected. I feel grateful to have explored this particular part of the world for a short time. Thank you. Already looking forward to the next ride.

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