Tenfold Challenge

The Tenfold Challenge: An Introduction

Some months ago, I decided to venture on a solo cycling trip down the Pacific coast. From Vancouver to San Diego. To further enhance my experiences along the way, I felt drawn to fulfill a set of five self-driven intentions: live more simply, embrace the physical grind, expand and enrich my boundaries within, find resonance, and explore my connections. Upon further reflection, I discovered my day-to-day intentions could be distilled succinctly and beautifully into four interconnected pursuits:

Learn. Live. Love. Give.

And, so, I sought to create a day-to-day challenge for myself that could both incorporate all four pursuits and fulfill my desire to live with intention. Days prior to beginning my ride down the Pacific coast, I found my hook:

The Tenfold Challenge.

The premise is simple: Donate $2, and my gifts and services elsewhere will be tenfold.

I formally committed to Tenfold on my first day of riding, and I remained open to donations for the duration of my trip, with every dollar given used to help pay for food, camping, and the odd luxury [coffee and chocolate, mostly] along the way. From the outset, I did not expect any amount beyond $50-100; after all, rather than a cause of greater need or urgency, I was asking donors to support me and my intentions.

Upon reaching San Diego, the finish-line of my Pacific coast ride, I had received a total of $548. Needless to say, as I prepared to return from my travels, I felt overwhelmed in the most incredible ways.

Now, according to The Tenfold Challenge, I must offer gifts and services in the amount of $548 x 10. In other words, I am committed to offering $5480 in donations or 5480 minutes [~91 hours] in volunteer service, or some combination of both.

I am not intending to complete this challenge as quickly as possible. I will not seek to donate $5480 to a single organization or cause, and I will not aim to volunteer for 91 consecutive hours. This rushed approach would feel contradictory to my day-to-day intentions and pursuits. My progress toward fulfilling this challenge will not be fast and forgettable. My progress will be thoughtful and meaningful.

Learn, live, love, and give; all the while, all the way. This is my aim, at least.

Over the next weeks and months, I will provide updates on how I’m progressing. I’m curious of how this all will shake out. I have many ideas and ambitions for completing this challenge, and then continuing these intentions after my challenge has been completed. If you’re curious, too, please feel free to follow along.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for reading.

Till next time. Much love and gratitude.

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