Tenfold Challenge

Tenfold Update: Adventureman

Original Tenfold Commitment:

$5480 or 5480 minutes of service [or some combination of both]

Progress [From Most Recent to Oldest]:

  1. $548 donation to Adventureman

Tenfold Commitment Remaining:

$4932 or 4932 minutes of service [or some combination of both]

Tenfold Commitment:

$548 donation to Adventureman.

Who is Adventureman?

Jamie McDonald is Adventureman. Jamie is passionate, resilient, charismatic, determined, inspirational, kind. Jamie is currently running across the United States to raise awareness and money for sick kids in North America and the United Kingdom. He has raised more than $100 000 for sick kids in need so far. Dude breathes love and generosity. There is so much more to Jamie’s incredible story. Do yourself a favour and visit his website.

Why I’m choosing to donate to Adventureman:

Simple: It’s personal.

Serving and giving is rooted in connection. Connecting to others, connecting to communities, connecting to nature, connecting the world all around. All the while, though, serving and giving to those we know feels most meaningful, for the simple reason that it’s most personal. Our connections with those we know often strike the greatest resonance. And, so, this week, I am choosing to donate to someone I know.

If there is someone in your life devoting their time and energy to a loving cause, nourish your connection with that loving person by supporting them. It really is that simple. I’m going to try to fulfill this simple demand more often. Starting with Adventureman.

Why $548? Why not less? Why not more?

During my cycling journey from Vancouver to San Diego, I opened myself up to donations for my Tenfold Challenge, which resulted in $548 in donations from an overwhelming number of family, friends, and strangers. While I was riding down the Pacific coast, Jamie Mcdonald [Adventureman] was RUNNING down that same coast and beginning his route toward the Atlantic coast, which will be followed by running all the way up to the northern reaches of the United States. Jamie’s ambitions to serve are nearly beyond belief.

Again, Adventureman is running DOWN and ACROSS and UP the United States of America. I mean, come on. Dude deserves both my attention and support.

And, so, I’ve decided to donate the exact amount I was given during my modest trip from Vancouver to San Diego. $548. Economically, this is a terrible decision. I do not have the savings nor the income to financially justify such a donation. But, it feels right, and I’m going to roll with that feeling. I just won’t commit to such an amount every time.

…No better way to feel meaning and purpose in this life than serving and giving… This dose of giving is for you, Jamie. Much love and peace and strength, Adventureman…

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