My name is Josh Willms. I am cycling down the Pacific coast. Venturing solo.

That’s it. There you go.

In Vancouver, I’ll begin to pedal southward. No final destination comes to mind. Favoured routes and spots along the way, for sure. But no finish line to mark my progress. At some undetermined place and time, for some combination of reasons, I’ll feel sufficiently compelled to end this ride. Not yet sure of the when and the where. I’m certain of only the beginning, really. I love it.

I do wonder how long and far I’ll choose to last. Two days. Two weeks. Two months. Two horizons. Two states. Two countries. Maybe more. I don’t yet know. I’m curious to find out.

As I move down the map, I’ll strive to write and share my words. My daily travels. Reflections on my intentions. The ways in which I can better serve others and this world. Connections forged along the way. Swan dives into the endless collections of thoughts flowing within. Stories and memories sparked from moments of boredom or inspiration. Other random rambles that inevitably spark during those mundane and extended moments of moving, ever-slowly, alone, along the side of another long road.

Ride. Write. Share. Repeat.

I haven’t yet the clarity in seeing how this connects meaningfully to anyone else. Not yet, at least. Here and for now, all I can conclude is this all feels inexplicably right. This all connects to me. I’m going to roll with that feeling for a few rides.

With these words, I speak only for myself. No one else. To resonate a chord with you is all I can do. Make you think. Laugh. Shake your head. Question. Reject. Believe. Read and forget immediately. Ignore completely. The choice is yours.

All the while, I’ll be pedaling, progressing southward from Vancouver. Drawn to the wilderness and people and shorelines. Experiencing my world, outside and within. Not searching for any definitive answers. Just exploring the questions and feelings that arise. I love it. Truly.

There you go. That’s it. This is the beginning. Till next time.